it’s always interesting to know what is the beginning in every story.

In our case, it is started with one single question, which we think that this question is also applicable for you: “Why do we exist?”

Why do we exist? Or in our case, why we build this business? For others, they might has their own typical motives of money or power, but Ardiya Indotama exist because of our believes.

1st - We believe that business has the power to improve people’s live. Not only from the perspective of economic prosperity, but also from the very basic needs of human life : our food.

Ardiya Indotama was established with a strong believe that food can serve more than just fulfilling our survival needs, but also plays an important role in achieving a good quality life. So by having quality as one of our main principles, our ambition is not to become the largest company in Indonesia. But we will strive to become the best high quality food provider in Indonesia

2nd - We believe that business has the power and capabilities to touch wider people. We believe It can reach people more than our individual capabilities as human being: to touch beyond customers, to touch beyond employees, to touch beyond shareholders.

Business can help the community, but sadly many business owners chose not to. We believe that as part of the community, business should embrace the calling for share with others. While we are committed in serving high-quality food products to our customers, we are also very aware that being part of the community we are called to embrace the sole purpose of our existence in this world: to share with others and make life better.

That is why for every business partnership we make, we are committed to serve one additional social foundations where we will provide continuous food supply.

Food for Food. To establish a sustainable support ecosystem, from business to community